Claudia Walraven - Identity

Claudia Walraven is a a producer for festivals and is concerned with sustainability. We designed an identity for her based on the idea of zero waste and recycling. Using the spare space inbetween the letters as shapes to create new output. Also showing her organisation capabilities. Website design coming soon.

Met Dezelfde Mensenstreken, Florentijn de Boer - Publication Design

A set of cards showing details, full paintings, mini paintings and wooden shapes by Florentijn de Boer that can be arranged and composed in any way you want.

Freak-Out - Poster series & Social Media

Posters and social media posts for a recurring party in The Hague Club Rootz. First of a series. We will also be DJ-ing once a month.

#RIP - Thesis Pubcliation

Thesis publication design for Jill Louise Verweijen.

Jill Louise Verweijen - Website

Simple portfolio website and businesscards for photographer Jill Louise Verweijen.

☻ - G I F

☻ - S K E T C H E S

Familie Cryptografie

The video that accompanies the Familie Crypografie project you can read more about on the graphic design side of the website.

Aim for the moon (Bugaboo) - Projections

BAUMRAUM - Performance

Household appliances have never been so sexy! Baum Raum is a home-made band with an exclusive performance at “We are the band” @ Plantagedok in Amsterdam. Video filmed in our backyards. Camerawork and editing by Rik Komaromi.