HOOP - Posters

Every now and then we design some posters for party venue ‘HOOP’. The clubnight series is inspired by the dirty floor leftovers of a good party.

Iris Maree - Art Direction

FC Geen Tijd - Logo & Identity

Logo design for an all-women football team from The Hague. Started by half of the Glitterstudio: Jana Blom.

Red Bull - Logo & Identity

We were assigned to create logo designs for several athletes (see below) that are part of the dutch Red Bull team.

Richard Verschoor (Race car driver), Daniel Wedemeijer (BMX), Irene Schouten (Speed skater), Brouwer & Meeuwsen (Volleyball)

Pecha Kucha - Event design

For a (sort of monthly) Pecha Kucha event in the Hague, we were asked to design the artwork for the 23rd edition. The evening consisted of speakers that all have 20×20 seconds to speak about anything they like (usually their work). We translated this quite literally into our artwork, using cutouts of mouths and speech bubbles.

Moam x Paradiso 50 jaar - Poster Installation

Pitou – Give Me A Glass - Music Video

Music video for the song ‘Give Me A Glass’ by Pitou for which we did the complete production, concept, editing and directing. Camera work by our great friend Rik Komaromi. Released by DIY on june 15th 2018. A special thanks to Mink Records.

A/V Club - Facebook Banner (unused)

Iguana Death Cult - Music Video

The complete production, concept and direction.
In collaboration with Thijs van Rest and Rik Komaromi

Hoop Club Night - Facebook banner