101 Ways to Preserve this Book - Publication

In a world where memories are kept by making screenshots of whatsapp conversations and endless scrolling, how does one preserve something that is important to keep? This book is only an example (101 of them) of how to keep something that is valuable to you. Editing done together with Zineb Benassarou.

HOOP - Posters

Every now and then we design some posters for party venue ‘HOOP’. The clubnight series is inspired by the dirty floor leftovers of a good party.

Iris Maree - Art Direction

FC Geen Tijd - Logo & Identity

Logo design for an all-women football team from The Hague. Started by half of the Glitterstudio: Jana Blom.

Red Bull - Logo & Identity

We were assigned to create logo designs for several athletes (see below) that are part of the dutch Red Bull team.

Richard Verschoor (Race car driver), Daniel Wedemeijer (BMX), Irene Schouten (Speed skater), Brouwer & Meeuwsen (Volleyball)